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Please make sure you are well rested, have eaten and hydrated. This will help you to relax and make it a better experience for you and the artist.


Remove wrap after a minimum of two hours, once removed wash the tattoo well with warm soapy water, repeat a few times for the first 24 hours and always pat dry with a clean towel. After 24 hours, shower as usual but start applying a minimal amount of aftercare cream and only when the tattoo is dry. Repeat twice a day until healed. Do not go swimming or soak the tattoo for a minimum of 2 weeks after being tattooed. Keep out of the sun, do not pick or scratch your tattoo and keep it clean. Once healed apply sunscreen to the tattoo to ensure its highest quality is maintained.

1) How far in advance do I have to book?

To secure your preferred booking time the more notice the better. However, we do take walk ins and often have time available. For larger pieces there may be a small waiting list depending on your artist.

3) I just want something small what is the minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is $100. This makes sure you receive quality equipment, inks and a sterile set up by one of our experienced artists.

5) How do I talk to someone about my tattoo idea?

The best way to contact us is by filling in the form on the bookings page, email directly or call to organize a free consult appointment. At this appointment we will discuss your ideas in detail and encourage you to bring in any reference material you may have. It is also a good time to discuss your budget if you have one, especially for larger work where we will need to space your appointment times. We will then provide a quote and time frame as well as take a $100 deposit- or you can do this via our deposit page.

7) Do you do cover ups and rework existing tattoos?

Yes, we do. There is also lazer erazer downstairs who we can recommend for laser work if required. It is best to come into the studio and talk to an artist about the best rework or cover up approach.

9) Is there anyone you won’t tattoo?

We do not tattoo anyone under 18 years of age even with parental consent. We do not tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2) What is the hourly rate?

If the tattoo will be completed in one session, we will quote for that piece. If you require ongoing work our approximate charge is $180 but please talk to your artist for a more accurate quote.

4) I need to change my appointment

minimum 48 hours to change appointment times, less than this and you will lose your deposit. You can change your appointment by calling the studio.

6) Is it safe?

Black tide is kept to a high sanitation standard at all times. All work spaces are kept sterile and hospital grade disinfectants are used throughout.

8) How do I get there?

We are located at 438 Smith st, Collingwood. Tram 86 stops outside or there is plenty of 2 hour and 4 hour parking on the side streets off Smith st.

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